SICLE currently offers the test both online and face to face. To register for the test please click on the registration link below. If you are a K-6 NSW Department of Education teacher you may not have to pay the test fees, please fill out the form on the registration page to find out if you are eligible.

To register please click on the date below.


Check back in 2024 for upcoming face to face tests

All face-to-face sessions take place at The University of Sydney

Why sit the test?

Under new NESA guidelines, native speakers of a language are eligible to be accredited Language teachers if they have evidence from an Australian university of their level of proficiency.

What is the test?

The tests assess language proficiency across all skill areas to the equivalent level of 2-3 years undergraduate study. The test provides evidence of your language proficiency.

If the language you wish to complete the test in is not available above, please click the ‘register your interest’ button below. For any enquiries, please email

VLPT – Verification of Language Proficiency Test

SICLE conducts the Verification of Language Proficiency Test (VLPT) in 12 languages for students who are applying for Masters of Teaching Programs and for current teachers (K-12) who wish to add Languages as a teaching method.

Over 100 applicants have been tested since 2019 and all successfully attained the standard required.

Cost: Administration fee of $400 per test

CLTT – Community Language Teacher Test

SICLE conducts the Community Language Teacher Test (CLTT) on behalf of the NSW Department of Education (NSW DoE).

Eligibility requirements to undertake community Language Test are to hold a valid approval to teach in NSW public schools and be approved as an Infants and or Primary teacher. Please make contact at to confirm eligibility.

Together these tests represent a significant step in increasing languages teacher supply and accrediting the existing skills of languages teachers.

For further information or any enquiries, email

For further information or any enquiries, email